Three Critical Engagements

Tendering Processes

On Tuesday the 28 June, SAIA (Bryan Wallis) attended a workshops on the Standard Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management (SIPDM) by the office of the National Department of Treasury. The outcome of the meeting was positive as it was decided that all government departments would be moving towards the same procurement strategy. This SIPDM could be used by SAIA members to encourage various entities within the state to adopt a best practice process.

Duty of Care

On the 7 July 2016 SAIA (Ludwich Ackermann) along with Krynauw Nel (GifA) and Chris Pearson attended a meeting with Investec, Property Development. The outcome was positive as the Corporate Bank indicated that they are in the process of amending their Duty of Care Agreement and welcomed SAIA’s input on the matter. The main result of the meeting was the indication that in the absence of a Duty of Care Agreement, a client’s interest rate in terms of financing could be prejudiced. It became clearly apparent that Investec wants to minimise their risk but to do so without the Architect’s Indemnity insurance being nullified. Engagement on this matter will be ongoing and is deemed to be of high importance to the profession

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

SAIA (Ludwich Ackermann) attended a meeting hosted by the CIDB on Tuesday 6 July with the infrastructure clients in the Gauteng Province, Pretoria. The purpose of the meeting was to engage prospective infrastructure clients on recent developments within the infrastructure procurement regime (as introduced by the National Treasury) and their implications on the CIDB procurement initiatives and prescripts going forward. The meeting was an expansion on the items discussed by Treasury as mentioned under the sub-heading tendering.