Architects Against Gender-Based Violence: Online Pledge



This Practice supports the drive to end all Gender Based Violence (GBV) and acts of GBV discrimination in all forms and guises. We abhor the current situation of GBV evident in the country and pledge to do all and more to eradicate any and all GBV stereotyping and actions

  • We pledge to actively put an end to any GBV predjudices or actions within our Practice.

  • We offer our premises as a “Safe Haven” to any victim of Gender Abuse and will provide support, safe passage and personnel to assist this person to a place of safety or centre of care.

  • We will support the establishment of a SAIA desk to manage all reports of GBV occurences in order that any misdemeanours occurring in our Practice can be reported and actioned through this desk.

  • We will promote open sessions to discuss and educate all our staff about GBV issues in order to actively promote the non-tolerance of this in our Practice and will incorporate GBV into our Professional Code of Conduct.

  • We will not be passive onlookers to any situation of GBV and will actively participate in any initiative to drive GBV out of our communities.

  • We will not stand for any form of GBV predjudice / bias / actions or statements within this practice and will actively fight against any forms of violence and harassment in any form.

  • By signing this we solemnly pledge to actively participate in the change needed to effect a new paradigm in which all persons are treated with dignity and respect in all situations.

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We would like to thank the following people for pledging their support:

  • AJ Corbett / TCN Arcitects
  • AJ Corbett / TCN Arcitects
  • G J Bolt / Bolt Architects
  • gugulethu oka mseleku / Filmmaker
  • Vongai Pfungwa Priscilla Pasirayi / The Von Design Group