The SAIA aims to promote and maintain high standards of conduct, professional competence and integrity. Education in architecture is evolving continuously to meet the changing demands of the profession and of society. SAIA is involved with and interacts on a wide range of Education-related initiatives with the Council, tertiary institutions and other interested parties. organises several programmes to ensure that members are able to develop their professional competence throughout their careers.

Transformation in the profession

During the current term, transformation has been addressed in several focussed initiatives, including outreach, open architecture and issues which relate to the CBE and CETA. These are treated elsewhere in the biennial report.

A Career in Architecture

At its simplest, architecture is the design of buildings, groups of buildings and often the space between buildings. But the scope of architecture goes well beyond just the drawing of plans. Architecture takes imagination; the ability to order ideas and communicate them clearly; creativity (not necessarily artistic ability); a keen interest in human behaviour, our habitat and the natural environment; and problem solving skills.

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Tertiary Institutions

The standard of qualifications in Architecture is evaluated by the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) for accreditation. Different qualifications, ranging from a two-year national diploma in architectural technology to a five year university qualification, consisting of a Bachelors, Honours and Masters (Pr) degree, are available.

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