The SAIA Fee Calculator

The Fee Calculator was launched by SAIA to provide a software tool to assist SAIA Practices in calculating fees.

The platform is designed to process various data which is provided by the Architect. The calculated fee is a direct result of the information provided for each unique project.

The Project fee is calculated from a number of project and practice specific parameters, including:

  • Scope of architectural services for the project
  • Stage and/or component duration and resource estimates
  • Specific personnel costs (including allowances for their utilisation and the practice overheads)

Of benefit is that the Fee Calculator is easy to use and specific to each project. Practices will enjoy the full flexibility of the Fee Calculator which operates online with ‘real time’ updating of the overall fee and profit margin, according to any change in the data.

On finalising the data input, the tool provides a print-ready fee proposal based on the specific project for the client in accordance with the relevant Professional Services Agreement

It should be noted that the SAIA Fee Calculator is derived from a more sophisticated programme which is offered by the developer on a monthly subscription basis. The developer of the SAIA Fees Calculator, Fresh Projects, may be approached directly for more information in this regard.

SAIA believes that Practices will enjoy the benefit of a well-considered basis for any fee proposal, whereas Clients should appreciate the substantiated and professional basis from which proposed fees are being determined by SAIA Practices.


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