From the President’s Desk:

The beauty of our profession is the ability to appreciate history and heritage whilst
visualising good things still to come, even though the present times might be emotionally
Traditionally architects marvel at the great works of art and architecture, from which they
draw inspiration and desire, to create equally wonderful spaces and environs for human use,
experience and enjoyment, no matter how tedious or hard the process of achieving these
might be.
I am certain that this is how the month of June 2013 has gone by, amongst the majority of
South Africans, with the news of President Nelson Mandela’s ailing health. Daunting as it
may be to deal with this current situation, we
need to draw inspiration from our country’s
recent past experiences and not forget:
• the long winding queues of colourful voters preparing to cast their votes for the first
time in a democratic South Africa;
• the electrifying atmosphere and the droning of military aircraft flying past the rolling
lawns of the Union Buildings park, as this “Giant” was taking his Oath of Office, to
successfully repatriate this country from all forms of slavery, to freedom;
• the deafening cheers from the crowds who filled Ellis Park Stadium when the 1995
Webb Ellis Cup was being lifted high by our own Springboks.
On the infrastructure development front (which is our forte), let us remember the rapid
design and development of world class infrastructure which surpassed all imaginations,
delivered by some of our colleagues in preparation for 2010 Soccer World Cup spectacular.
• world class airports,
• stadia and hotels,
• transportation and urban renewal initiatives.
These developments somehow restricted detractors and hecklers to some dark little
corners, eating humble pie, simply because we were united as a country, under the
same spirit of unity.
• It is this spirit, (provided that it is embraced by us all), that will make us mature as people.
• It is this spirit that will teach us to be selfless as professionals, and yearn to deal with the pressing needs of our society.
• It is this spirit that will extend the boundaries and provide opportunities for the majority of our people to play a meaningful role,
in growing our economy, and
• It is the same spirit that will drive us now and beyond the Mandela Era.
May all the members of our fraternity receive this newsletter with that humble message in mind.
Mr. Sindile Ngonyama
South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)

From the CEO’s Corner:

My first month at the helm of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) has given me a broad
picture of the status quo and revealed opportunities for turning around the organization. The
mandate that l was given by the Board calls for me to, amongst others;
• Implement a comprehensive turnaround strategy that improves the effectiveness of the
institute and consolidates its position as the leading architectural voice in the country;
• Improve the financial viability of the organization in order to ensure the availability of
both human and financial resources to support our various strategic initiatives;
• Improve coordination and relationships with the regional institutes and corporate
• Spearheading the development and implement of a comprehensive transformation
Work is already underway in the CEO’s office in dealing with the many challenges that face our
institute. Some of the highlights of the work in progress include the following areas;
Diagnostic Report
After my various engagements with some members of the Board, conveners of the various committees and staff members, l am in the process
of finalizing my diagnostic report on the status of SAIA. This report, which will be tabled before the Board, will highlight areas that need to be
addressed in turning around the organization.
Turnaround Strategy
We are in the process of concurrently developing a comprehensive turnaround strategy that seeks to turn the institute into a world class entity that
brings real member benefit, professionalism and effectiveness in undertaking its various activities. The Diagnostic Report will form the departure
point in drawing the turnaround strategy.
Benchmarking Exercise
We have instituted a comprehensive benchmarking exercise which will be focussed on comparing our services with similar organizations locally
and internationally. The purpose of this benchmarking exercise is to ensure that we improve both the level and quality of our service offering to
our members in line with best international practices. Furthermore, we anticipate improved levels of our relevancy, as a professional institute
to the greater built environment community and government’s infrastructural development goals in the long term.
Constitutional Indaba
At the end of July, regional delegates will convene in Johannesburg in order to finalise the adoption of the revised constitution. We are
confident that the delegates who will participates in this critical constitutional Indaba will expedite the approval process of our new
constitution, ushering in a new era for the existence and functioning of SAIA. We are busy with the preparations for this critical engagement
and have already secured the services of Dr Parker to facilitate the Indaba.
Regional Communication
In our future newsletter, we will give high level summary of key decisions taken by the Board and Interim Management Committee (IMC) as
well as key external engagements undertaken during the reporting period. This will complement the feedback that the regional representatives
regularly provide to their constituencies.
Revamped Website
You may have noticed that we have revamped our website – giving it a totally new look altogether. We will continuously improve its
effectiveness as we seeks to utilize this platform in enhancing our communication with members and regional affiliates. Advertising
opportunities are now available on our website and all such enquiries should be directed to our Marketing Manager, Marina Meyer at
Collusive Tendering
In the advent of 15 firms being fined almost R1,5Billion for their involvement in illegal collusive tendering practices, SAIA issued a press
statement in which it condemned such practices. Furthermore, SAIA called upon the Competition Commission to continue its investigations
without fear or favour in order to clean up the industry of such unscrupulous industry practices.
I would like to acknowledge the solid foundation that was laid by my predecessor, Ms Su Linning who will be leaving SAIA in the first week in July.
We now have a good footing to even take the institute to even greater heights of performance and delivery. We would like to wish her well as she
pursues her chosen interests.
Well Wishes for Madiba
As we release this newsletter, we are well aware of the fact that our global icon and former President, Nelson Mandela remains in hospital in a
critical condition. Our prayers are with him, his immediate family, the government and the entire nation as we all pray for his full recovery. We
recognize that the freedom we enjoy today in the country was only made possible through the huge personal sacrifices made by Madiba and all
those who dedicated their lives to the struggle for freedom.
Mr. Obert Chakarisa
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)

Latest News:

DURBAN UIA2014 Student Competition Launched!
The Organizing Committee for the Durban UIA 2014 World Congress continues to make progress towards the successful hosting
of this very important World Congress in Durban in 2014. The Organizing Committee convened its regular meeting in Durban and
held a two day workshop in the month of June in order to up the gear in the preparations and ensure that time lines are clearly
defined as we race towards the 12month mark before the World Congress kicks off.
Warwick Junction, the site for the UIA 2014 International Student Competition, is a dynamic trade and transport hub in the
heart of Durban’s inner city. Rigorous, colourful and noisy, it is a nucleus of activity and movement for hundreds of thousands of
people every day.
This transport node provides a setting for predominantly informal traders at an unprecedented scale. The competition aims to
recognise the complex systems that underpin the site’s economic, cultural and social dynamic, and to find ways to strengthen,
reinforce or expand these systems to the advantage of users and inhabitants of the site and surrounding city.
The competition brief requires three products – a long term-large scale intervention, a medium term-medium scale intervention;
and a short term-small scale intervention.
Important dates:
Registration deadline – 31 October 2013
Deadline for submitting projects – 31 March 2014
Announcement of the results at the UIA Congress in Durban – August 2014
Gold Award: 50 000 ZAR
Silver Award: 30 000 ZAR
Bronze Award: 20 000 ZAR
The competition is open to architecture students throughout the world, and the registration fee is 500 ZAR.
For more information or to enter the competition, visit

Activity Portfolios:

SAIA Practice and Education : June 2013 News
Draft revised construction regulation
The Construction Regulations which were introduced in 2003 by the Department of Labour have been under revision for the past
few years. SAIA has been advised that this work has reached a point where the current draft is likely to be the final version. There
are aspects of the current proposal which will significantly impact the profession and the profession’s clients.
Briefly the key issues are:
• Construction Work Permit
The intention is to introduce a requirement for most construction work that the client must obtain a construction work permit
before work can commence. This will in all probability delay construction starts as the contractor needs to have been identified
before application is made and the Department has set itself a maximum period of 30 days from the time of application to
process the application.
There are certain exclusions to above, including singles storey residential dwellings where the client is to occupy the building
after construction. A process of notification of construction work is intended for such cases.
• Duties of client and the designer
These duties appear to be more onerous than the 2003 regulations and need to be studied and commented on by experts.
Architects should however familiarise themselves with the intended provisions as there are various issues relating to the
architect’s service which are affected, especially relating to the architect’s duty to the client. It is foreseen that in many cases
the architect will need to advise the client on specific duties and means of compliance (baseline risk assessments, safety
specifications, work permit applications, etc).
Click here to view or download the draft regulations.
The above information is provided for information only at this stage and is based on a brief perusal of the draft regulation.
SAIA has not yet analysed the differences between the existing Construction Regulations 2003 and the current draft. The
current draft must still be published for public comment as part of the promulgation process.
Construction health and safety practitioner registration
The South African Council for the Project Management and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) is responsible for
the registration of Health and Safety practitioners in the construction industry. It has now developed the Scope of Services and
registration requirements for three categories of practitioner.
These are:
• Construction Health and Safety Officer (SACPCMP Board Notice 113 of 2013) Commencement date: 01 August 2013
• Construction Health and Safety Manager (SACPCMP Board Notice 114 of 2013) Commencement date: 01 August 2013
• Construction Health and Safety Agent (SACPCMP Board Notice 115 of 2013) Commencement date: 01 June 2013)
These are important developments in the context of the client and architect’s duties under the proposed new Construction

Recently SAIA validated activity: Alive2Green Sustainability Week
The Alive2Green Sustainability Week takes place from 24 to 28 July 2013 at the Sandton Convention Centre. Activities forming
part of the week are a series of conferences and seminars on subjects such as Green Building, Energy, Transport and Mobility,
Water and Waste. Once again SAIA has validated the conference and seminar components of Sustainability Week and notice to
this effect will be given on the SAIA website.
For the full schedule of SAIA validated category one CPD activities click here
SANS 10400-XA Energy – local authority recognised courses
The following courses are recognised by local authority building control officers and are presented periodically in various centres.
Formore information on dates and venues, contact the activity providers.
CPD SAIA 12-11 The application of the amended National Building Regulations for energy use (SAIA validated Category One activity)
Activity provider: Structatherm Projects
In association with
WSP Green by Design
Contact: Howard Harris
Tel: (012) 460 8683
CPD SAIA 12-12 SANS 204 Maths and Physics Workshop (SAIA validated Category One activity)
Activity provider: Peter Wyness
Contact: Peter Wyness
Tel (011) 648 5788
Energy Efficiency in Building Workshop (VA presented Category One activity)
Activity provider: Pretoria Institute for Architecture (PIA)
Contact: Mauneen van Wyk
Tel: (012) 346 1051
Energy Efficiency in Building Workshop (VA presented Category One activity)
Activity provider: South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT)
Contact: Peter Brown/Frans Dekker
Tel : (011) 622 3168