SAIA aims to promote and maintain the art, science, research and practice of architecture. The Practice Committee is focused on assisting members to develop their professional skills and to provide tailor-made services to members in practice.

The six focus areas identified during the previous term continued to inform Practice in its endeavour to guide members of SAIA in best practice. These focus areas are:

  • The revision and publication of the SAIA practice manual
  • The ongoing development of documentation (where appropriate in collaboration) to enhance the practice of architecture (such as appropriate client-architect agreements, JBCC contract documentation, PROCSA agreements etc)
  • Professional development courses/workshops for practitioners
  • Advice and assistance to members (by senior practitioners at regional and national level)
  • Constituting a forum for interaction between regions and an incubator of ideas on best practice
  • Interaction and liaison with other role players (such as DPW, CIDB, UIA and AUA).

Practice Manual

SAIA issues a wide range of publications relating to professional practice. The SAIA Practice Manual consists of over 80 practice-related documents. This manual is currently being updated.

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Appointing an Architect

Standard Agreements for the appointment of architects and other professionals are available from SAIA and the Regional Institutes.

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Building Contracts

The JBCC Series 2000 suite of contract documents, recommended by the Institute for use on building contracts, are available from the Regional Institutes.

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Expert Advice

Committee members, who are recognised experts in their fields, are available to assist members with individual queries. Members of the public may also consult the Institute’s panel of experts. Enquiries in writing should be addressed to:
The Director: Practice and Education SAIA



SAIA may be approached to identify and nominate appropriately qualified and competent persons to arbitrate disputes between parties engaged in building, construction or the profession. Members of the profession or the public should address requests for this service to The President, South African Institute of Architects, at one of the following:

Private Bag X10063, Randburg 2125


Professional Fees 

In accordance with legislation, the South African Council for the Architectural Profession publishes a Recommended Tariff of Fees and an annual updated schedule.

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DPW Rates for Disbursements

The latest rates for reimbursable expenses by the National Department of Public Works are available from the department’s website. Backdated rates are also available from that site.

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