National Committee Structure

The Board established six national committees, also known as Activity Portfolios, to address the objects of SAIA, which are to promote and maintain:

  • Benefits: the interests of members;
  • Education: high standards of conduct, professional competence and integrity;
  • Heritage: the architectural environment and cultural heritage;
  • Habitat: the interests of society in matters concerned with architecture in relation to the environment.
  • Marketing: opportunities for the interchange and recording of knowledge and experience of architecture; to uphold the dignity of the profession of architecture;
  • Practice: the art, science, research and practice of architecture;

The committees, convened by a board member, generally consist of four or five members appointed by the board from a list of nominees received from the regional Institutes. As not all the Regions are represented on each committee, wider participation is facilitated through regional contacts who are encouraged to contribute electronically to the issues under consideration.

The frequency of meeting of all the committees was adversely affected by SAIA’s financial constraints during the period and both the Heritage and Habitat portfolio and the Promotions and Communications portfolio were impacted by overlaps with certain of the SAIA Strategic Priorities.



In order to optimise the benefits to SAIA members, this portfolio aims to leverage and increase SAIA’s value through strategic interactions with parties that can yield multiple opportunities to promote architecture and the work of SAIA members that contributes to the advancement of the architectural quality in South Africa and the world.

The work of this committee has continued to focus on two strategies:

  1. The maintenance of, and where possible, the improvement of existing benefits.
  2. The research and development of new benefits.

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SAIA aims to promote and maintain high standards of professional conduct, competence and integrity. In doing so education is involved with a wide range of education – related initiatives

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A skilled subcommittee of academics and specialists has been tasked with finalising content of the CPD courses. The activities of the portfolio are largely dependent on initiatives by the national and provincial level bodies themselves, and therefore interaction is proportional to such activities and invitations received.

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Albeit the term Habitat is broad by definition, encompassing not only the apparent cultural human settlement domain we mould but also the natural environments we shape in the context of present socio-eco-political dynamics; spatially it also implies a complex dialogue between physical interventions and those fostered by mother nature.

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SAIA aims to promote and maintain the dignity of the profession of architecture by recognising and promoting excellence in architecture and by creating public awareness and debate on architectural issues. The Promotions and Communication activities are merged into one portfolio labelled Marketing.

The committee is responsible for the dissemination of information of interest and benefits to SAIA members and for the maintenance of a record of architectural work in South Africa. This information also serves as a repository for academia and the general interested public at large.

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Practice supports SAIA’s aim to promote the art, science and practice of Architecture by assisting members with relevant practice information and services.

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