Energy efficient buildings, sparked by the desire to deliver buildings with low operating costs and greater self reliance is driving Green Building practices in South Africa. It is now the norm in new buildings and refurbishments for architects to specify efficient technologies, with leaders in the property sector now looking beyond efficiency at implementing renewable energy generation technologies such as roof top solar.

The move from Energy Efficient to Green Building will be the next broad based move in the property sector as water and waste issues become just as critical as energy. These advances are being driven by Blue Chip tenants on the one end of the value chain and by the investment community on the other, seeking to future proof their portfolios. Now more than ever, building designers, constructors, and materials suppliers need to be at the leading edge of green building thinking, strategy, and design and that is precisely what the 10th annual Green Building Conference deliver.

llewellyn Llewellyn van Wyk
Llewellyn is an architectural scientist, specializing in advanced construction technologies, built environment professions skills development, and sustainable building and construction methodologies, and with an interest in design and construction theory. Llewellyn is a Principal Researcher in the Built Environment Unit (Building Science and Technology) at the CSIR. In addition to chairing this conference, Llewellyn is also editor of the annual Green Building Handbook and the monthly eJournal of Green Building.


Nela Nela de Zoysa
Nela De Zoysa from Sri Lanka, is a Honorary Fellow of the AIA (USA), Fellow of the SLIA (Sri Lanka), International Council Member of the RIBA (UK), Member of the RAIA (Australia), International Associate of the RAIC (Canada) and a Life Member of the IIID (India). Her vast experience of many Landmark Projects over a span of 30 + years has earned her as many as 3 International Awards, 2 Special Awards & 17 National Awards of Excellence and Merit.
Buhle-Mathole Buhle Mathole
Buhle Mathole is a master architect who has been involved in large-scale projects such as the Gautrain stations. Founded by Buhle Mathole, Kabu Design Architects it’s established its vision in 2007. With a full time leap in 2009 we are a young firm with a hallmark of excellence and a deep sense of pride in our African heritage.
Jordi Jordi Farrando
Jordi Farrando was a founding member of the Urban Projects Department of Barcelona City Council where he was in charge of coordinating projects and personally responsible for the design and direction of works of a large number of public spaces in the city. He has been teaching at the Politechnycal University of Catalonia and is often invited to lecture at other Universities and seminars. He was the Commissioner of the XIX Congress of the International Union of Architects, UIA Barcelona 96 and the Secretary General of the International Union of Architects.
Ken-Stucke Ken Stucke
Ken is the sole director of Environment Response Architecture (ERA Architects), a small practice specialising in Green Architecture for the last 20 years.
Ken is also a Senior Lecturer in the subjects of Design, Construction, and Building Performance at The University of Johannesburg’s School of Architecture.
Ken has also worked hands on as both a contractor and an architect in various countries, ranging from France and England to Botswana and South Africa.

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