Growing Number of Benefits Offered to SAIA Members

Architects that belong to The South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and the SAIA Regional Institutes reap a number of benefits. General benefits offered to members help them practice more effectively and efficiently, remain in touch with the global architectural fraternity and receive tangible benefits to assist them in their professional and personal life.

These benefits include:

    • A FREE copy of the Practice Manual to all the paid up Architect Members of SAIA.
    • FREE legal advice through Solace by Legal & Tax for SAIA members only. Phone 0860 765 223 and quote your membership number: 447180
    • Competitive rates offered via APIGIS regarding Professional Indemnity Insurance through the Architects Professional Indemnity Group Insurance Scheme (APIGIS). Phone the underwriters, PIFRS at 08611 PIFRS for assistance.
    • SAIA represents its members on a number of national bodies within the Built environment, for example, CETA, and uses its membership of these bodies to bring about positive changes for architects.
    • Through SAIA’s interaction with various government departments, for example, the Department of Public Works, it is able to address issues affecting the profession.
    • Members enjoy affiliation through SAIA’s membership of a number of international organisations, thereby ensuring the profession keeps pace with global trends and facilitates interaction with the global community of architects, these include, the International Union of Architects (UIA), the Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA), the African Union of Architects (AUA), the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Committee of Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement (Do-Co-Mo-Mo).
    • Interaction with the South African Council for Architectural Profession. (SACAP) to enable SAIA to influence the formulation of SACAP’s policies and documents to the benefit of architects. Regional Institutes host, for example SACAP registration examinations.
    • Members are bound by SAIA’s Code of Ethics. Adherence to this code enhances professional standing and should provide our clients with additional confidence when dealing with SAIA’s architects.
    • SAIA promotes, acknowledges and markets excellence in architecture through regional awards, awards to individuals, the endorsements of worthy competitions, the co-ordination, design and execution of various exhibitions where the work of SAIA and its members are creatively and effectively communicated to the public, both locally and internationally.
    • Members of SAIA enjoy free subscription to quality publications including the Digest of South African Architecture and the bimonthly journal, Architecture South Africa. Newsletters and newsflashes are sent out frequently to keep members informed regarding developments and opportunities within SAIA and the wider profession. Additionally, members can enter competitions and win attractive prizes through NEWS@SAIA.
    • SACAP introduced Continued Professional Development (CPD) as a requirement for the renewal of registration from 1 January 2007 and SAIA assists members to achieve the required credits. This is done through the Regional Institutes and the National office which accredits courses of a high quality. Additionally, discounts are often negotiated on courses to make them more affordable for members.
    • The creation of a community through which members can engage using social media platforms.
    • Conferences with top national and international speakers.

Additional Benefits for SAIA Practices

    • Practice manual updates.
    • Extra APIGIS benefits.
    • Joint Building Contact Committee (JBCC) documents are offered to SAIA Corporate members at a discount.
    • SAIA contract agreements are available at a reduced price to SAIA members and include: the Client Architect Agreement, Client/Principal Agreement, Joint Practice Agreement, Consultants Working Together Agreement and the Professional Practice Study Aid.
    • The recognition for Excellence in Architecture at a national level for its SAIA Practices through the highly prestigious awards, namely: the Corobrik SAIA Award of Merit and the Corobrik SAIA Award for Excellence, the AfriSam Award 4 Sustainable Architecture and the SAIA President’s Award.
    • Public Relations opportunities for SAIA members to raise their profiles, especially through Award programmes.
    • Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiated between SAIA and BEE Verification, corporate members can set a pro forma tool to assess the BEE status of their practice at a reduced rate.
    • A SAIA Practice Certificate for in good standing for display.
    • SAIA Practices are entitled to join the Built Environment Export Council (BEPEC), enabling practices to benefit from the development opportunities in foreign countries, especially Africa.
    • Thus members of SAIA are given the tools to excel in their profession and to be able to market themselves effectively within the Built Environment. Those dealing with members of SAIA know that our architects are given the backing of an organisation completely dedicated to serving their members and equipping them with the tools required to make them leaders in a highly competitive and dynamic environment.