SAIA Awards

Architecture is the most visible and public of the arts. An important function of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) is to recognise and promote excellence in architecture and to create public awareness and debate on architectural issues. The SAIA Awards programmes are in support of these goals and run over a two year period.

The Awards programmes are as follows:

Afrisam-SAIA Awards 4 Sustainable Architecture

Who are the South Africans that are able to create place making buildings that shift paradigms, rejuvenate the planet and uplift people? Supported by Afrisam, the leading black-controlled construction materials group in southern Africa and the South African Institute for Architects, the biennial Afrisam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture was created to find out.

Judges look at three main criteria: entries must demonstrate regeneration, reconciliation and restoration. Project entries are required to demonstrate how they make the world a better place by minimising the environmental impact of building. The projects are also required to bear the hallmarks of great architectural or social design. Entries are submitted under two categories — one for built work and the other for works of social importance, including research.

The South African Institute of Architects invites its members to submit entries for The AfriSam-SAIA Awards for Sustainable Architecture. Only entries by SAIA members are eligible and are to be submitted for consideration for the awards.

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Corobrik-SAIA Awards of Merit and for Excellence

The Awards programme is structured over a period of two years, and conducted in three stages. In the first year Awards for Architecture are presented by the various Regional Institutes affiliated to SAIA. The Corobrik-SAIA Awards of Merit are bestowed in the second year and thereafter, the Awards for Excellence are announced.

Regional Awards

During the first stage, the Regional Institutes invite submissions, appoint and convene a panel of jurors to decide the Regional Awards for Architecture and eligible projects to be submitted for national consideration.  The Regional Awards for Architecture are announced and made at a regional function, which takes place during the first stage of the Awards cycle.

This award is made to members of the Regional Institutes to encourage and recognise good design or a significant contribution in the field of architecture. It may be for:

  • A new building or group of buildings;
  • A work of technological importance;
  • The conservation, restoration and/or rehabilitation (refurbishment) of existing buildings, historic precincts or areas;
  • A work of social importance, other than a building, for which the member was appointed as the architect. There is no restriction on the building type, use or size. It is also intended for small-scale alterations or interiors if they are of exceptional quality and contribute to the current discourse on architecture. Although the work may contain flaws, it should be clearly identifiable as having specific attributes that are worthy of commendation.

Work may be submitted to the Region by the author or nominated by any member of the Region with the author’s, or other responsible person’s permission.

Corobrik SAIA Awards of Merit

The second stage of the Awards programme follows with the submission of entries by the regional panels of assessors for consideration of the SAIA Award of Merit and the SAIA Award for Excellence.  A national panel of jurors is convened by the SAIA president to select the projects it wishes to inspect from the submitted entries. During the first few months of the second year, the national panel of jurors inspect the projects in loco. The Awards of Merit and the Awards for Excellence are announced at a national function towards the end of the second stage of the Awards cycle.

This award is made to members of SAIA to encourage and recognise good design or a significant contribution in the field of architecture. Although the work may contain minor flaws, it should be clearly identifiable as a work of architectural merit.

Corobrik SAIA Awards for Excellence

The Award for Excellence is made only for an exceptional achievement in the field of architecture. Only projects which have received an Award of Merit are eligible for this award.

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