SAIA Membership

SAIA is one of several voluntary associations recognised by the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) in terms of the legislation, and is the only one dedicated to serve the interests of professional architects and architect practices.

The membership structure of the institute was changed through an amendment to the SAIA Constitution in 2005. Members are recognised in two main categories – individual and corporate. Further amendments were adopted in 2008 to clarify specific issues regarding the perceived optional nature of corporate membership. The principles of SAIA membership are set out below:

  1. Individual membership of SAIA is voluntary and regionally based. Members of regional institutes who are registered as Professional or Candidate Architects are enrolled as SAIA members. Individual subscriptions comprise a regional component and a relatively small SAIA component. Regional institutes issue tax invoices for individual membership subscriptions which include the individual’s SAIA portion of the subscription.
  2. Practices which meet the membership requirements (see explanation below) are deemed to be SAIA corporate members and must submit an annual declaration stating the practice staff complement on 01 July in order for SAIA to calculate the corporate membership subscription for the year. SAIA issues the relevant tax invoice.

SAIA Membership for Individuals

Membership of SAIA is regionally based and co-ordinated nationally.

There are 11 autonomous Regional Institutes throughout the country that focus their attention on local activities, and facilitate participation in national programmes. Membership of SAIA is available in several categories:

  • National or ‘full’ members: for professional Architects
  • Candidate: during the training period before professional registration
  • Retired membership: for retired Architects.

Individual subscriptions are paid to the regional institute in accordance with the regional account. Individual members receive a SAIA membership certificate only once upon enrolment.

SAIA Corporate Membership for Practices

Every architectural practice must be recorded with the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) in compliance with the SACAP Code of Professional Conduct Rules. A person or persons who operate a practice in their own name or as a partnership, a cc, a company or the like, must submit details of the practice name, address, etc to SACAP. If, for business reasons, a person operates more than one firm or company from the same address, each practice must be recorded with SACAP. If a firm or company has more than one office, each branch office must be recorded with SACAP. Joint ventures set up by two or more practices for a specific venture do not necessarily constitute a practice, unless it is recorded with SACAP as a separate practice entity. This listing of Architectural practices is updated on a continual basis by SACAP in accordance with the regulations. SAIA maintains a Directory of SAIA practices/corporate members from the information received.

Individual membership of a regional institute and therefore of SAIA is voluntary. However, for principals in a practice, their SAIA membership has consequential implications for the status of their practice. Under the SAIA Constitution, the principals of a practice cannot elect not to be a SAIA practice and therefore not a corporate member, if the practice qualifies as such. There is also no provision in the Constitution for independent corporate membership.

Every SACAP recorded practice, which meets SAIA’s requirement for membership, is deemed to be a SAIA corporate member. A practice is recognised as a SAIA corporate member, where at least 75% of the eligible principals (Pr Arch) of a practice are members of SAIA. (below you can download Information Bulletin on Corporate Membership)

Architectural firms are recognised by the Institute, as corporate members if 75% of the eligible principals in the practice are members of the SAIA. Every SACAP recorded practice, which meets SAIA’s requirement for membership, is deemed to be a SAIA corporate member. A practice is recognised as a SAIA corporate member, where at least 75% of the eligible principals (Pr Arch) of a practice are members of SAIA.

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Enrolment and Subscription Structure

Individual Members

As membership in the individual categories is managed on a regional basis, enrolment forms are available from the Regional Institute offices. Fees include the initial enrolment and annual subscriptions, which include a regional as well as a national portion. The subscription structure is designed to make membership available to all in the profession.

Corporate Members

Corporate members, SAIA practices, are required to submit an annual declaration directly to SAIA to confirm the size of the practice together with the annual corporate member subscription fee.

Life and Honorary Membership

The Board may confer life or honorary membership to honour respectively architects or persons who are not eligible for registration.

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