UIA PPC Paris Jan 2018

February 2, 2018adminMedia

SAIA Building Relationships with UIA

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Simmy Peerutin, Chair of SAIA Practice Committee, attended the UIA Professional Practice Commission (PPC) in Paris last week. Kevin Bingham, a UIA Council member, also attended the day before the UIA Council meeting. The PPC meeting is held annually over two days and is co-chaired by James Wright from the USA and Zhuang Weimin from China. Representatives from all five UIA regions attended, including representatives from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards USA and Architects Council of Europe. Africa was represented by Sudan, Egypt and South Africa.

Guidelines and Practice Notes recently approved in Seoul include:

  • Guidelines on the value of Architecture
  • Update to PPN1 – Computer Practice, written by Simmy Peerutin
  • New UIA 2017 Gender Equity Policy

Current workstreams for this triennium’s PPC include:

  • Outsourcing of Architectural Services/Practicing in a Host Nation
  • Expansion of PPN 4 – Dispute Resolution – Kevin Bingham is the workstream leader
  • Model International Practice law/act
  • Model International Plan of Work – Simmy Peerutin is the workstream leader
  • Populating and expanding the UIA database on Architectural Practice Around the World (APAW)
  • Mobility of Architects – facilitation of global practice

Through our global interactions at the UIA, we are endeavouring to ensure that our local architects are able to receive support that will enable them to benchmark their work against the best architects globally.