South African architect becomes published author and is nominated for top global award.

February 2, 2018adminMedia

Co-director of Wolff Architects, Ilze Wolff, is being recognised for her dissertation on the Rex Trueform garment manufacturing factory. Her work has now been published, and is sure to be on the reading list of every architect or aspiring architect in South Africa. She is also in the running for the 2018 Moira Gemmill Emerging Architecture Award facilitated by the Architectural Review.

Further Accolades for Ilze Wolff makes SAIA proud

Ilze Wolff, co-director of Wolff Architects, has been awarded the International Prize for scholarly works in Modern and Contemporary Art for her book, ‘Unstitching Rex Trueform: the story of an African factory’. The award is for her dissertation for the degree, Mphil Heritage and Public Culture (UCT, Centre for African Studies) and was selected by the Roman publishing house, L’erma di Bretschneider, as the winner of the first edition International L’erma di Bretschneider C Prize. The book centres on her research on Rex Trueform, a garment manufacturing factory in Salt River, Cape Town. The judging panel included Zueler R. Lima, the author of the biography ‘Lina Bo Bardi’ about the Italian-born Brazilian architect (Yale University Press, 2013), and Henri Di Riedmatten, the author of ‘Narcissus in Troubled Waters: Francis Bacon, Bill Viola, Jeff Wall’, (L’Erma Di Bretschneider, 2014). The book and award will be presented on 13 April, 2018 at the National Museum of Modern Art in Rome.

In addition to this achievement Ilze has also been nominated along side five other architects globally for the Moira Gemmill Emerging Architecture Awards, 2018 by the Architectural Review. Winners will be announced on 2 March, 2018.

SAIA congratulates Ilze on these remarkable achievements, and for placing South Africa so proudly on the international stage through her work.

Ilze Wolff, co-director of Wolff Architects

Ilze Wolff, co-director of Wolff Architects
Photo Credit: Barry Christianson

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