Obert Chakarisa, CEO SAIA 2018

February 1, 2018adminMedia
Obert Chakarisa, CEO SAIA

Obert Chakarisa, CEO SAIA

2018 Brings New Rays of Hope

2017 Outlook

As an Institute, we are very optimistic that the year 2018 will bring better fortunes for our profession, which was thrown into turmoil in the last two to three years due mainly to the “shenanigans” playing themselves out at the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP). The lack of promulgation of the Identification of Work Framework (IDoW) and Professional Fees Scale only served to worsen the landscape of a profession already enduring high levels of distress.


In December 2017, the Minister of Public Works eventually took long overdue steps to intervene in the dire state of affairs at SACAP by initially removing the remaining three Council Members and appointing five more members. However, the aggrieved three Council Members succeeded in overturning their dismissal from the Council after the High Court ordered their re-instatement. We have not been sitting on our laurels and have, in fact, engaged the five new members on the Council. This was to apprise them of the unsustainable state of affairs regarding the profession, so they might assist through their interventions at SACAP.


Considerable budgetary allocations were channelled towards supporting the work of the Practice Committee which includes the rolling out of the Practice Benchmark & Fees Survey and the completion of the Practice Guidelines (manual). These two work streams will be extremely beneficial in improving the practice environment for our members.


A membership drive is underway to promote the work of the Institute to new and younger members that will ensure the continued existence of the organisation. Our current demographics show low numbers of members under the age of 30, which calls for concerted efforts to attract younger members. In addition, a category of Affiliate Members has been introduced to allow other professions in the Built Environment to forge closer relationships with the Institute.

2018 Forecast

The political manoeuvres currently taking place in the ruling political party will certainly bring a new ray of hope in the economy. The improvement of investor confidence in our economy will definitely result in more work opportunities being realised by our members which can only augur well for the profession. We will continue with our advocacy role of ensuring that the practice environment in the profession is made as conducive as possible.