June 22, 2017adminMedia

Su Linning
Interim Executive: Practice

News from SAIA Practice

Although the ongoing concerns relating to the regulation and administration of the profession continue to find expression in SAIA’s discussion forums and meetings, the Practice Committee remains focussed on delivering benefits for practitioners. Some of these initiatives are in an advanced stage of finalisation and good progress is being made with several others.

The Fee Calculator:

Members have a final opportunity to test the new fee calculation tool as we have extended the date for feedback until, 07 July 2017. The calculator will go live on the SAIA website soon thereafter.

The Practice Manual:

The documentation to replace the 2008 Practice Manual which was issued on CD, is in its final stages of review, and it is expected that the new Practice Guidelines will be available for online publication in an interactive ‘wiki’-based format towards the end of September. This is aimed at encouraging participation from the membership and will enable a simplified process for updates and revisions. It will also be easier to make new content available, and we trust that members will not be disappointed with what will become a ‘living’ library of reference works.

Revisions and new Agreements:

As a constituent of JBCC and PROCSA, the Institute’s representatives continue our participation in the current revision of these contracts. In addition, a real need exists for a very basic agreement between an architect and a client for work on simple domestic projects. A basic agreement is being compiled at present, and this should be available within a few weeks.

Work in Progress:

The hugely complex requirements around the procurement of professional services and the notion of tendering for fees remain high on the agenda. In addition, several concerns in connection with professional indemnity and liability, risk management and “Duty of Care” undertakings are being addressed, and more information will follow in due course.