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From the President’s Desk

Dear SAIA Colleagues

With the shortest day on the calendar behind us and as we look towards spring, I bring you an update of some of the current matters being addressed by SAIA.

Following a productive SAIA Board meeting and a Regional Stakeholders evening held in Port Elizabeth on 24/25 May, your Management Committee (Maryke Cronje, Jan Ras, Lauren Haiden, Obert Chakarisa, and myself), with the SAIA Practice Committee Chairperson (Simmy Peerutin), met in Durban on 13 June for a forward planning “think-tank”. We critically reviewed our performance over most of the areas in which we felt our membership would best value or support our engagement.

Under the banner of “Charter a Course for Excellence” we are aiming to focus on the issues most pressing to our profession. You will have received my response to the Mail and Guardian letter addressed to the President of SACAP. In essence, and being somewhat understanding of some of the problems faced by the remaining Councillors, it is time that excuses were put away and actions implemented. We need a fully functional Council. We need Councillors that enact the law and fulfil their mandates. We need a profession that is full of opportunity, where SACAP values the qualifications, standards and experience of its registrants and informs the public of their accredited attributes. We also need meaningful consultation – the recent past seems fraught with directives!

Some other practice items being addressed are:

  • Practice Guidelines – We are in the final stages of the production of this documentation, being driven by Ian Alexander and his team.
  • The implementation of a practice query hotline.
  • Further engagement with National Stakeholders.
  • Greater interaction with JBCC, PROCSA, NBR and professional indemnity committees.
  • Preparation of Industry documentation e.g. Duty of Care Letters.
  • Representation on Tender issues.
  • Practice support on BIM, etc.

We are also addressing our marketing, branding and media faces.

I believe that you will agree that we are aiming high. Please support us in our endeavours?

We have also expressed an intent to foster more meaningful links with the international architectural communities.

Architects Fanuel Motsepe and ‘Skura’ Mtembu are growing these linkages in the African Union of Architects, with continental benefits for practice, education and international collaboration.

Simmy Peerutin and I continue to offer support to the UIA Professional Practice Committee, and we commend the past years of representation by Rodney Harber on the UIA Education Committee.

You will have recently received the call for nominations for the SAIA Honorary positions of Vice-President and Deputy Treasurer. This is an annual call as the honorary posts are only one year in duration, with the Vice and Deputy succeeding the President and Treasurer respectively. Some may feel that one year is a very short time. However, brevity of time does foster action and I trust that you will be aware of the active stance that your SAIA representatives have been taking this year. I am a firm believer that we should all assist in making our Institute the successful entity that it should be. To achieve this we must all play our parts, and where possible, support those elected to the roles. We have many members well suited to various roles in SAIA and I encourage you to consider giving of your time and expertise, for the benefit of the collective.

I take this opportunity to thank our MarCom and SAIA Board for their guidance, and to the SAIA Office Staff and all Regional Staff members for their efforts in making our organisation effective.

As always, feel free to email me at where I will attempt to address your comments as quickly as possible.

‘Til next,

Scenes from Eastern Cape Stake-holders Engagement.