Valerie Chipkin Archives Exhibition

May 4, 2017adminMedia

Fassler Gallery, John Moffat Building, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. 22 March-26 April

The Valerie Chipkin Archives Exhibition attempted to highlight the value of research and the value of archives. The material was donated to the School by Clive Chipkin, and gives a glimpse into his career and his mind, and tells you a little about the person who collected the material. On display are architectural drawings, maps, photographs and sketch books  siting the work within a mental map and geographical space. The range of material shown is testament to the broad reach of Chipkin’s two publications: Johannesburg Style, Architecture and Society 1880s-1960s, (1993) and  Johannesburg Transition, Architecture and Society from 1950, (2008).

Students in the school were intrigued by the hand drawings and the sketchbooks, and honours students were inspired to create their own sketch books. Clive Chipkin spoke to first year students about the exhibition, who said that what they learnt reinforced teaching covered in a more formal way in the class room.

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