May 4, 2017adminMedia

Debbie Kirk
Executive Manager: Marketing and Fundraising

Marketing Making Strides

New initiatives are being launched and strides taken by this portfolio

Around 17 women entered the Women in Construction Awards. While 15 entered the Women in Architecture Awards, a few who did not meet the criteria entered the Emerging Women in Construction Award. It was mentioned by some who entered that they were delighted to have been given this platform and the opportunity it offered to grow their profile and promote their business.

Top profile adjudicators have been chosen, including:

  • Marijke Cronje (SAIA Vice President and Convenor)
  • Mr Phill Mashabane (Adjudicator)
  • Mr Linda Mampuru (Adjudicator)
  • Professor Amira Osman (Adjudicator)
  • Professor Chrisna du Plessis (Adjudicator)

The Award will be presented on 24 May 2017, at a prestigious event at Gallager Estate.
This result is pleasing given that this is the first time this Award was launched. In The past, a few years were taken before an Award Programme gained traction at the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA). So, the number of entries acquired at the launch of this programme is gratifying.

Arch Journal

Communications are being sent out to secure a new Editorial Board (EB) and Correspondents’ Committee for the Arch Journal. Excellent curriculum vitae have been already been received from architectural professionals who could certainly add greatly to this already well-respected publication.


There is increasing collaboration between all portfolios at SAIA and particularly Education and Transformation. This is because idea sharing is critical to the continued growth and improvement of these portfolios, who are now increasingly leveraging off each other’s skills and expertise.

The National Office is working increasingly with the Regional Officers, some who have expressed delight in terms of feeling that they are part of the SAIA family and benefit from mutual support.

The recent stakeholder engagement in Cape Town, 21 Birthday Celebrations for the Digest and Bursary Hand over is an excellent example of a successful event born out of co-operation between CIfA a Region of SAIA and the National Office (with contributions from all portfolios).

During our recent Marcom meeting, further steps regarding the re-branding of SAIA were made. Further updates will be given to membership regarding this important under-taking.

As ever the Marketing portfolio continues to aim for greater quality, professionalism and advancement, both of the marketing and communications portfolio and of SAIA in general.