May 4, 2017adminMedia

The following is the draft item for inclusion in the May edition of the SAIA Newsletter

SAIA Portfolio: Education and CPD
Executive: Bryan Wallis
CPD Administrator: Marlene van Nieuwenhuizen


Members will have noted that SAIA has recently introduced the practice of announcing, by way of SAIA CPD newsflashes, notice of the validation of SACAP Category One activities by SAIA as they are awarded.

There have been some inquiries where dates and venues have not been given in the announcements and therefore this explanation is provided for members’ information.

The validation announcements are made after SAIA has assessed and validated the activity and has notified the activity provider of the validation. In many cases, the validation will relate to workshops, conferences and the like whose dates and venues have been planned well in advance. In such cases this information is included in the notification.

However, some activities are offered on an ongoing basis, often by invitation to practices to be presented in-house. In such cases it is clearly not possible to give dates or venues and if the topic is of interest to members, they are invited to contact the activity provider directly. We trust that serves to clarify the intent of the announcements.