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May 4, 2017adminMedia

Profession Under Siege

Very few citizens would have correctly predicted a year ago that by this time South Africa would join a number of countries that are rated below investment grade or “junk status” by the global rating agents. The political turmoil in the country coupled with the slow economic growth can only add more woes to our precarious economic situation.

In such an environment, the worst that can happen is to have our members having to deal with the inefficiencies at the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP). The time for architects to work together in tackling the challenges that face us cannot be over-emphasised. Now is not the time to have a fragmented profession but is the time to have SAIA together with its eleven Regions working in harmony and tackling such challenges head on. The recently adopted SAIA Constitution calls for such united front and consolidation of efforts in handling the challenges faced by our members. All is not lost and SAIA will use everything at its disposal to promote a conducive environment for our members to ply their trade.

Legal Challenges

In the recent times, SAIA has invested considerable resources – both human and financial in collaborating with its Regions in legally challenging alleged flawed tenders that have been issued in the Built Environment by various governmental structures. Our National Practice Committee, under the stewardship of Mr. Simmy Peerutin has been instrumental in driving these various challenges and making sure that our voice is heard by the responsible authorities. Detailed feedback on the work taking place in this regard will be communicate in the near future from the National Office.

National Committees & International Collaboration

The organization has since been restructured resulting in the following National Committees being fully operational;

  • Management Committee;
  • Finance Committee;
  • Practice Committee;
  • Marketing Committee;
  • Transformation Committee.

We have already seen the fruits that are borne through the efforts of our members who volunteer their time to work with the respective Portfolio Managers in ensuring delivery on the various agreed targets.

Management Changes At The National Office

We would like to announce that our Executive Manager: Practice, Mr. Ludwick Ackermann left the employ of SAIA on the 15th April 2017 in order to pursue other interests. We would like to thank Mr. Ackermann for the services he renders SAIA during his stay with us and we wish him all the best with all his future endeavours.

On the same vein, we would like to welcome back Ms. Su Linning who has accepted an interim appointment to the position of Executive Manager: Practice. Ms. Linning, has immense experience in the profession and here contribution will go a long way in achieving the set targets in the Practice Portfolio.

Su Linning, Interim Executive Manager, Practice

In the meantime, the recruitment of the substantive Executive Manager: Practice is underway and we are hoping to have filled the position by June 2017.

Completion of The Review Of The Practice Guidelines (Manual)

For many years, the Practice Guidelines (Manual) has not been reviewed and updated as the case maybe. Given the importance of these guidelines in the functioning of our members, a consulting team was appointed to finalise this review with a period of 16weeks. This review work is already underway and it is hoped that the final Practice Guidelines (manual) will be available for use by our members July/ August 2017.

In closing, a reminder of our mission and vision will aid in bring focus on the very reason of our existence;


“A collective Voice serving the interests of Architects in pursuit of excellence and responsible design”


“SAIA Architects to be the Authoritative Leaders in the built environment”

Kind regards

Obert Chakarisa
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)